Hallgatók figyelmébe: WCPT Future Network

We are writing to introduce ourselves and introduce the WCPT Future Network. WCPT Future is a recent initiative established by the WCPT executive and represents an international network for physical therapist students and early career professionals. The aim of the network is to engage physical therapist students and early career professionals with WCPT and their member organisations, encouraging, promoting and facilitating the interchange of ideas and activities of common interest.

WCPT Future has  a leadership team that functions to facilitate activity between students and early career globally. We are the regional facilitators for Europe and our goal as part of the leadership team is to make connection within the region as easy as possible.

We understand that your organisation has a student and/or early career sub group and we are keen to connect with this subgroup. If there is a representative within your Member Organisation and/or Student sub group who would be suitable to be a liaison with WCPT Future, we would greatly appreciate if you are able to share their contact details with us.

We would like to thank you for your consideration and look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

Natasha Hinwood and Jake Fenech
European Facilitators
WCPT Future Network

E-mail elérhetőséget kérem az info@gyogytornaszok.hu címre jelelezze.

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